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45 years on the market 120 countries

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I bet we are similar when it comes to one thing – we like to go for the tried and tested solution.

We operate in 110 countries worldwide. We have a network of 120 000 trained and collaborating agents. We have the largest number of potential buyers or tenants. We offer a range of services far beyond the standard activities of real estate agencies. Our Agents also have architectural and construction qualifications, skills in managing investment constructions, commercialisation of commercial facilities, as well as increasing the value of real estate. We always present offers to other real estate agencies

We handle the number of properties adequate to the Agents’ time capabilities. Have obtained testimonials from many multi-million transactions. Closed premium, commercial and investment land contracts. We guarantee investment security thanks to our long-standing experience. Competent, open and polite communication based on partnership relations. Appreciated by Clients from all over the world, tailor-made solutions that maximise the potential of the local real estate market.

That is why we have the exclusive use of the slogan 

“Nobody in the world sells more real estate than RE/MAX”.

When would be a good time for you to start working with us?

Are you open to our operating principles with clear rules for working with a real estate agency?

For remuneration for an effect that exceeds expectations? The world’s biggest brand? Developed to the highest international standards? A modern company and trained agents who keep up with market changes? A substantive communication system and high business ethics? Real negotiations instead of illusory bilateral mediation? Transparency of the offer and obtaining a fair maximum sale or rental price?

What do you know about our solutions?

We monitor local transaction prices. Adjust the sales strategy. Negotiate for Clients the highest sales rates similar to the offer price. We have a 95 % success rate in selling accepted offers.

Before you decide which real estate agency

REMAX Warszawa

Property photo

A professional session by a photographer will present the property’s potential and its assets, which will encourage buyers to familiarise themselves with the offer. An Agent operating in a specific local market knows the most requested solutions and can direct the photographer to highlight features that will help Buyers decide in seconds to visit your property and then buy it.

RE/MAX Warszawa

Preparation of
a real estate plan

Allows the buyer to assess the potential of the space for improvements. It accelerates their decision-making process. Many real estate have completely changed the layo

REMAX Warszawa

n Social Media

Well-chosen social media guarantee a huge reach of our offer and reaching another group of interested clients. Each generation looks for offers in a different way. We are open to news and building your property’s position through other channels.

RE/MAX Warszawa

n Internet portals

One of the sales tools. Experienced agents choose from around 40 available portals dealing exclusively with real estate so as to effectively use them to promote a specific offer, basing on its uniqueness. The choice is determined by the desired target group. 

RE/MAX Warszawa

Home Staging

A highly effective tool for supporting the sale of the real estate, which we reach for in order to increase the visual attractiveness of the offered property. In many cases, you can expect to reduce the time you wait for a buyer by up to 40%.

REMAX Warszawa


Implemented for unfinished properties, in the pre-renovation phase or with visual elements that make it difficult to sell. We present what a future metamorphosis of the building or rooms could look like. 

RE/MAX Warszawa

Drone shots
of the property

With a limited amount of time, Buyers often reject offers due to not having time to get there. By showing the surroundings, we strengthen the offer and reach its assets, which are impossible to see from the photos of the property. The neighbourhood, the vicinity of nice houses, forest or park areas increases the interest of the Buyers.

REMAX Warszawa

Analysis of Local Spatial Development Plans

Athe analysis of this document makes it possible to identify additional property assets and target groups of Buyers, often overlooked by Agents Our architects are able to extract from the plans elements which increase the value of the property and suggest additional solutions to the Buyers to make them interested in your sale offer.

Creation of a "virtual walk"

A very useful way of reaching buyers who are looking for property far from their current residence when it is not possible for them to visit to the property. Thanks to such a tour, an interested buyer can make a preliminary decision without leaving home.

RE/MAX Warszawa


A proven form of promotion in the West and very effective, which prompts buyers to make a quicker decision to place their offer. Often several offers come in during the open doors, ensuring that the transaction is quickly finalised at a higher price than the initial one.

REMAX Warszawa

Google Ads

Promotion that highlights our offer in the search results, making it perfectly visible for the client. This provides a good chance that the client will click on the link leading to your offer. We, in turn, will make sure that the link is displayed to the right person who is genuinely interested in buying.

RE/MAX Warszawa

Financing -
a real estate

This is often one of the biggest problems related to its purchase.  They are very often limited by the complexities of the loan process, their accessibility, as well as a number of formal and legal requirements. Not only does this limit the buying options, it also makes the process of buying a property much longer.

REMAX Warszawa


A solution sought by Sellers as well as those planning to buy. The standard of a property – next to its location and the square footage – is one of the most important factors influencing the decision to buy a particular house or flat. In most cases, in order to sell a property quickly and cost-effectively, a comprehensive renovation is required. This is a highly desirable operation for sellers as well, as it significantly increases the selling price and the direct profit far exceeds the value of the investment. However, it is worth investing not only in a superficial renovation merely to cover small flaws, but in a comprehensive renovation of the property that will significantly increase its value. We offer a complete renovation service, ranging from reconstruction and upgrading installations to minor finishing works. 

I don’t know whether you will be interested in it, but we not only provide a comprehensive service of buying and selling a property, but we also offer other services

due diligence of the property, assessment of factors influencing the value of the property being bought or sold, analysis of profitability of the property purchase, inspection of the technical condition of the property, assessment of the building maintenance costs, search for a specific property, assessment of the formal and legal status of the property, market analysis for a specific property and opinion on its development, as well as representation in proceedings before offices.

What do you know about the advantages of exclusivity agreements?

It has access to the largest Client base of buyers and tenants. Opens access to 350 offices in Warsaw and Poland as well as 8500 offices worldwide. Provides export of listings from Poland to the MLS WSPON and RE/MAX Global website visited by millions of users. Within 48 hours, the offer is e-mailed to 2500 agents in Poland who have potential Buyers. By organising the open doors, it obtains prices higher than the offered ones. It has a budget for extensive promotional campaigns. Minimises your time commitment. Guarantees privacy for you and your family – you don’t have to be present at the presentation. The Agent takes care of the offer until the formal handover of the property by means of a protocol of delivery and acceptance. Includes professional preparation of the property for sale. Gives a fair insight into the local real estate market and competitive offers. The Agent additionally has access to off market offers. It uses state-of-the-art marketing tools.

When would be a good time for you to assign the sale or rental of your real estate to Agents from our Team? 

Our team consists of people with experience in the construction and commercialisation of commercial and residential buildings for Jones Lang LaSalle as Senior Project Manager – technical due-diligence for: Mayland Real Estate Sp.z o.o., Adgar Poland Sp.k., LHI Leasing Polska Sp. z o.o., ROCKSPRING, CIECH Service Sp. z o.o.,Polska Telefonia Cyfrowa Sp. z o.o, Key Financials, Heitman Financial Sp. z o.o., Budizol Sp. z o.o. Property S.K.ABPTO Pluton Sp. z o.o., VALAD /Aviva Investors & Deutsche Pfandbriefbank, Alfa Associates and fit-out project management for: Lockheed Martin Global Inc. S.A., The Boston Consulting Group Sp. z o.o., Schering Plough Sp. z o.o., Wyborowa SA., Thomson Technicolor Poland Sp. z o.o, COI, own offices JonesLang LaSalle Warsaw Offices, Stanley Black & Decker Inc, HBO Sp. z o.o. Project, BULL/AMG.net., WNS Polska, Autodesk Sp. Z o.o., Adidas Poland Sp. z o.o., Deloitte. In addition, for the Euromost Polska – as Project Manager – project management for Grupo Lar Real Estate 30 500 m2 PUM Residential Houses, Nowe Bielany w Warszawie Commercial for TESCO Polska – Value Manager / Project Leader construction of a stores chain of 1 000 – 10 000 sqm. As an Architect – commercial design of offices and industrial premises, interior design of flats and houses in Warsaw, for POLKOMTEL S.A. (Plus GSM) as National Site Acquisition Manager – construction of large-scale specialised networks for GSM technology

As investment coordinator for PKN Orlen (chain of petrol stations in Poland, purchase of stations from BP in Germany). We are familiar with cost monitoring – IKEA, city bypasses.


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