Fortress buildings and orders from the Russian authorities stopped the development of the city of Warsaw throughout the second half of the 19th century until 1914.  Villa investments began to spring up outside the city limits, near the former railways and in quiet green enclaves. Thus began the history of the Wawer-Otwock line, Konstancin and Milanówek.

The history of Konstancin dates back to 1897, when as part of the execution of the will of Countess Maria Grzymała-Potulicka, co-owner of Obory, the area of the local forest was intended to be sold. However, the heirs decided to turn the place into an elegant summer resort. Thus, a spatial development plan drawn up for 110 ha and, in honour of Konstancja Potulicka Skórzewska, the area was named Konstancin. Upon Skórzewski’s request, the land was divided into plots for the construction of villas and for joint use. 261 plots of land of 3 300 sqm each (10 000 cubits) were marked out and the shares of the Towarzystwo Akcyjne Ulepszonych Miejscowości Letniczych were sold. In addition, two parks were created – Zdrojowy and Grapa na skarpie.

From the very beginning Konstancin was distinguished by its orderliness – as a model elite summer resort it had sewage system, waterworks and lighting.  The first power plant started operating here already in 1900 and lighting was introduced even before the power plant in Powiśle.

During this time, residences were built in various styles from castles, English cottages, Italian Renaissance villas, to those of Zakopane style or modernist buildings integrated into the charm of the health resort. Nowadays this trend is also maintained by the residents of Konstancin and Skolimów. Grand modernist buildings are being built, as well as houses with masard roofs. However, the size of the plots and the charm of the trees allow any development to give an open-air composition.

The pre-war era, only a part of the villas were permanently inhabited and the rest were divided into rooms-apartments for renting to summer visitors and, more rarely, whole houses for rent. Whereas today’s Konstancin is mostly villas for rent for longer terms than a year.  Rental of villas ranges from PLN 10 000/month to multiples of that amount.

For almost 20 years, new investors and history lovers have been systematically bringing the villa areas of Konstancin Jeziorna to life. The golden age of this area was at the beginning of the 20th century, after the war fortunately most of the luxury villas survived and became a majestic monument to the architects and investors of a past era. The world of villas and palaces formerly owned by prominent factory owners, artists, doctors, lawyers, etc., where Warsaw’s social life was vibrant, especially in summer, is slowly returning to favour.

The most beautiful old villas are situated along ul. Batorego, Sienkiewicza, Skargii, Matejki, Wierzejewskiego, Kraszewskiego, Jagielońska, Żeromskiego, Żródlana and Ptasia. More charming villas are being built in the areas of ul. Potulickich and Prusa, ul. Słomczyńska, Gąsiorowskiego, Zielna.

Property prices in the area are rising and there are more and more enthusiasts for old trees and large plots of land. The health resort character is maintained by the well-kept Park Zdrojowy – thoroughly renovated, with magnificent graduation towers and a modern hotel with a brine pool. The splendour of the health resort’s elite status has been restored. In the summer, there are concerts, the number of magical restaurants and elegant cafes is growing.

The entrance to Konstancin in the area of the village of Bielawa is complemented by the educational infrastructure of the American School together with the investment of several dozen urban villas realised under the name of “Osiedle Konstancja”.

The old mill from 1730 was replaced by a paper mill which was extended in stages from 1760 onwards and whose buildings have now been revitalised to become a shopping and service centre.

Amateurs of architectural treasures and sophisticated investors will always be attracted to buy villas such as Kaprys, Villa Natemii at ul. Sienkiewicza, Urocza at ul. Skargii, Pensjonat Mon Repos at ul. Wierzejewskiego, Zorza at ul. Matejki, Villa Pod Gryfami at ul. Sanatoryjna, Villa Marychna or Villa Słoneczna at ul. Batorego and many other restored or new works of architecture.

The purchase of real estate in the best areas of Konstancin begins from several million to sums not achievable in any other part of Poland. An enclave appreciated by diplomats as well as the business and artists.

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