In the 17th century, Prince Stanisław Herakliusz Lubomirski raised by the Czerniakowskie lake a holiday pavilion called Arkadia or Shepherd’s House. In the post-war period, around the former Russian Fort IX of Czerniaków at Powsińska Street, upon request of the company formed in 1921, the architects Oskar Sosnowski and Antoni Jawornicki designed a housing estate for 15,000 residents, immersed in greenery.

And so the owners of the surrounding land – the Counts Skrzyński, Sobański and Tarnowski – formed a parceling company with the aim of creating a new housing estate of Warsaw, modelled on the garden cities that were being built mainly in England and Germany.

When the construction of the Garden City began, it was believed that it referred to the era of Polish architecture of the late 18th and early 19th centuries. Unfortunately, already in 1939 they started to abandon this style, which is reflected to this day in the loss of charm of Sadyba, which could become the second Żoliborz…

The cobbled ul. Okrężna, the officers’ block designed by Aleksander Więckowski, the well-kept parks around the remains of the forts hide more distant villas, e.g. the house at  ul. Okrężna 22 formerly belonging to Józef Beck (later Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Second Republic),  the house at ul. Morszyńska (belonging to Colonel Jerzy Krzymowski), at ul. Okrężna 32 ( belonging to the national activist , Jędrzej Giertych), at ul. Morszyńska 31 (belonging to Colonel Henryk Bagiński), the house at ul. Morszyńska 25 (belonging to Divisional General Tadeusz Piskor).

Residents appreciate the charm of the area, the lamp posts, the greenery, the quiet streets and squares.

Due to the vicinity of the French and British schools at ul. Limanowskiego, both the villas and suites at Skwer Remobowskiego,  ul. Godebskiego, the Marvipol housing estate at ul. Bernardyńska Woda, or Yereal at ul. Konstancińska – are popular both for rent and purchase.

The infrastructure is complemented by the Sadyba shopping centre with Cinema City. Many schools, public and private kindergartens. In the summer, Sadyba falls asleep and the heart of the area beats quietly in the nearby restaurants at the Skwer Starszych Panów. Horse lovers enjoy the Hubertus stables, and fans of fishing and swimming enjoy the charms of Czerniakowskie Lake.

The area is covered by a Local Spatial Development Plan and is partly under the protection of the conservator, which facilitates the investment process according to the guidelines. The old trees and the layout of the streets create the feeling of a pleasant little town, not too burdened with car traffic.

The cost of buying a house in this area oscillates between PLN 1 million for a small segment for renovation, PLN 1.3 million for a semi-detached house, while a detached house costs about PLN 3 million or more. Rentals range from PLN 6,000 to PLN 18,000 per month. Higher-quality projects can achieve much larger rates and are extremely rarely put up for sale or rent.