What is the MLS system?

MLS – Poland’s largest system for exchanging databases of certified real estate listings and databases of clients seeking verified listings through real estate agencies.

Advantages for Sellers and Buyers

a/ there is no need to meet with several agents to make your offer available online to 3000 agents in Poland and 8500 agents worldwide, as well as their clients within just 48 hours

b/ you choose an Agent from the list of our Specialists; after verification of the legal status and analysis of the transaction prices, as well as selection of the sales strategy, he or she will enter your property into the system

c/ all the users of the system will have access to your offer – Agents transfer offers to their verified Clients according to the largest database of those currently interested in purchasing or renting a property.

d/ the automated system allows access to information, matches Clients and provides accurate estimation of the demand for your property so as to obtain the maximum transaction price in optimal time.

e/ the Agents will take care to present your offer to interested parties (Clients) to save your time

f/ you will get a professionally prepared and legally verified offer that is available on all major platforms and websites of cooperating real estate agencies,
with the widest reach possible

g/If you want to buy a property give us a call. Tell our Agent what you are looking for. Using the MLS, the Agent will generate a list of properties that meet your expectations. You will get access to verified, current listings that are often not published elsewhere.

What is MLS?

The system has been operating in the USA for several decades. In Poland, it has been well-known for over 20 years among regular investors and real estate agents.
The Multiple Listing System (MLS) allows agents to exchange lists of properties for sale and purchase on an exclusive basis. MLS is a closed type of system. This means that access to the addresses of the published listings is only available to professional and reputable agents who use it.

What is MLS current coverage in Poland?

The MLS is the largest exclusive multiple listing system in Poland. It was established in 2002 under the supervision of the Warsaw Association of Realtors.

Currently, the system connects as many as 11 Polish provinces, 364 offices, 2804 agents and several thousand offers.

Database of current prices and trends

In Poland, it is currently the biggest database of clients searching for real estate, as well as trends of current contract prices along with photographic documentation updated online several times per day. Your Agent has access to a database of transaction prices, photographs and descriptions of sold and rented properties. No other price database in Poland offers such up-to-date information.

Our principles of cooperation transparency with Clients and Agents

EXCLUSIVITY – only current and unique offers managed by a single agent representing the Owners.

COOPERATION – your properties are recommended by all the agencies registered in the system.

AUTOMATION – the automated system matches verified and unique offers.

SPEED AND EFFICIENCY – the largest group of real estate agencies is simultaneously working to help close a transaction for their clients.

UNIQUENESS – your Agent has access to unique offers often unavailable elsewhere on the Internet, including addresses of the properties in question.

SUPPORT – you are guaranteed full support in accordance with the standards of the association and agency procedures. Your agent will prepare the offer and take care of it at every stage of the process.

MARKETING – well-trained agents and the MLS system offer unrivalled channels of promotion unavailable elsewhere.

The MLS system also allows for the possibility to sell real estate Off Market – without publication of the offer on the Internet, instead listing it ONLY in the MLS system. Use the option to:
– sell your property discreetly
– reduce marketing costs
– offer buyers listings that are not generally available online in portals, search engines or websites of real estate agencies.

SAFETY – MLS users are verified, they take care about your safety during the presentation and conclusion of sales or rental agreements, they are trained according to highest standards of service.

RE/MAX Capital and MLS – our tradition in multiple listing system

Ever since its establishment, our real estate agency in Warsaw – RE/MAX Capital Warszawa Warmia Mazury – has been guaranteeing its clients visibility of their property listings in the system. Our agency has been positively verified and granted access to the MLS system. We take pride in the efficient cooperation and great interest in our offers all over Poland due to the high level of their preparation and analysis of trends. Since our listings attract so much interest, we often manage to sell above the asking price.

The founders of RE/MAX Capital have been members of the Warsaw Association of Realtors for 15 years, as well as active users of the MLS system. The current owner of the agency, Iwona Wieczorek, has been appointed for her second term on the MLS committee in the nationwide system.

We would be happy to assist you in the application of this tool.
We recommend MLS to all our clients, both Sellers and Buyers.

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